Hump Day Challenge: Bacon

Its fame has taken the US by storm literally in just several days and has become a great source of entertainment. You can’t go anywhere on the internet without running into something about the delicious breakfast now turned any-time-of-the-day meat, Bacon. It’s on Pinterest, 9Gag, Google…heck it has its own Twitter account. You can’t scroll down your Facebook page without reading a post about bacon these days so it only makes sense that bacon would be one of those things playing at the forefront of my mind.

With that said, this Hump Day I challenge you to take a movie title and replace one of the words with “Bacon”.

EX: Bend It Like Beckham is now Bend It Like Bacon. Or Bacon It Like Beckham.

Yes, Bacon!!!!

Yes, Bacon!!!!

See what I did there?
You’re welcome.

Have fun now and if you come up with any overly fantastically good ones, there’s a comments box at the bottom of this post that all you clever people know about.



2 thoughts on “Hump Day Challenge: Bacon

  1. There’s Something About Bacon. (Said I, the vegetarian).
    Indiana Jones and the Last Bacon. (Archaeology is hungry work).

    I also wanted to somehow tie Grease with Bacon as it is so appropriate, but alas your rules won’t allow!

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