When Life Gets You Down, Be A Fighter


People let life knock them down way too easy.
And then they just sit there and let their issues bury them.

That isn’t how life is supposed to be.

Yes, life is supposed to be a challenge, it’s supposed to sit you on your backside every once in awhile but it’s always for a reason and one reason only: so you can learn how to get back up.

Getting back up takes strength, courage, and a great deal of faith mixed in with a dash of hope. It’s so much harder to get back up then it is to lay out and live an uneventful, hopeless life but you’re less exhausted in the end.

I’m not saying when life knocks you down don’t stress. Everyone is entitled to worry, to cry, to mourn, to throw a grown up tantrum or whatever it is they do.

What I’m saying is don’t let that problem consume you.

We’re all fighters, given opportunities to test our strength to prepare us for time ahead.

So when you’re down and after you’ve had your cry, move a little, wipe your knees off and if you need to, reach for a helping hand.

You’ve got this thing called life. And it’s beautiful.



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