Why Do We Keep Using Cliched Break Up Lines?

Everyone loves a good cliche’.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”
“Hit two birds with one stone.”
“There’s no place like home.”
“That’s what she said.”

The only problem with a good cliche’ is that it eventually becomes…cliche’. Old. Tired. Worn out. Borderline irritating.

So why do we keep using them when we break up with people?

Why do we keep saying things like “It’s not you…it’s me”? Or “I just need space”. “You deserve someone who deserves you” is another personal favorite of mine.


I mean, they’re lame but they work. It’s like when someone hears that line, they just surrender, wave the white flag, keep their pride and walk.

I never realized…and now I wish someone would break up with me just so when they gave me the “I just need space” bit I could say “For how long? Because if this means I’m the only one you need space from I’m seeing other people”. I kinda kissed that opportunity good-bye last December when my man slipped a ring on a rather important finger.

People may think they use these lines to protect the other person and not hurt their feelings, but I personally think they hide behind them to keep them from looking like jerks. I mean, who wants to be the jerk that says, “I’m just not into you anymore”?

Me. I did that. And you know what? The guy was okay. He was dating someone else within the month and they lasted a good year and a half. He moved on just as fine as anyone else who was given a cliche handout.

So next time, you’re looking into someone’s eyes getting ready to cut them loose see if you there is any way you can say something not cliched. And honest.


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