It’s Almost That Time of Year

Awww fall.

My most favorite time of the year.

I don’t know why but with autumn come the most comfortable feelings of rest and peace. With the sweet smell of global change in the air, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in its warmth.

What is it I specifically look forward to when it comes to fall? Well, I’ll tell you.

  • The scarves, floppy hats, chunky cable knit sweaters, and of course, the boots. I have a love affair with boots! I also plan on spoiling myself this year by buying a new coat. Looking on Pinterest makes me want to do that.
  • It’s not too hot to drink warm drinks. I am a hot cocoa lover and have one of the best recipes for homemade cocoa. I’ll be posting that on here some time in the future.
  • Coffee houses get busy which means my friday nights will be spent tucked into a cozy chair listening to whichever local band has decided to serenade me for the evening.
  • I know I’m not the only one who’s in it for the Bath & Body Works candles.
  • As an artist I love color and fall has most of it.
  • I can start using my crock pot which means more time on my art, less time slaving away over a meal.
  • Corn mazes. I love them!
  • Halloween followed up by Thanksgiving.
  • All the little home dinner parties. I’m thinking of throwing one myself this year actually.
  • I’ll be making myself a book list of the books I’m going to busy reading. There’s nothing quite like cuddling up with the blankets, candles and cocoa as long as you have a good book.

That’s the gist of it I suppose.

Oh, autumn, here we come.


One thought on “It’s Almost That Time of Year

  1. Yep I agree-dark nights equate good books.
    My favourite season is Winter, in all it’s transformative beauty. But my favourite half of the year begins with Autumn. Best wishes, Paleface of England.

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