They Fought So We Could Be

Military has always been a very sensitive subject for me.

I have a lot of uncles who fought in the Middle East and because of that I didn’t just get to listen to their stories, but also to their wives’ and girlfriends’ stories as well. No matter what war it is, what they’re fighting for at that time in the American timeline, it’s hard.

Yet there are people who smirk and shake their heads when someone thanks a veteran, whether past or active, for our freedom.

My favorite reasoning behind this is, “What? They didn’t fight the Revolutionary War. They didn’t fight the Brits”.

Ignorant people forget that freedom isn’t just given and then never taken away. Because it is a gift, it does have to be defended so we can still enjoy it. And many men and women have put a hold to their careers, families, and education to give up their lives so we can enjoy those freedoms.

Yet there are people who shrug and say we were already a free country. They just fight to fight. Or fight for a college education they no longer get to have.

My Uncle Patrick didn’t have his Humvee roll over a landmine causing members of his platoon to die or suffer severe injuries just so some man who was able to finish a college education tell him he didn’t fight for freedom. He doesn’t struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and relive his nightmares so some stranger that he fought for could shrug his shoulders and say he did it for nothing.

He did it because he was passionate about his country and his patriotism took that passion to the next level and he made defending his country a career.

They may not have fought for our literal freedom but the fight to preserve and defend it is still raging on.

So please, show a little courtesy. Shake a hand and say thank-you. It’s so much more less than what they did for you.



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