If I Could Yell At The Members…

Today is my Tuesday but good God Almighty it feels like a Monday.

I never would have thought that today of all days simply because it started off with me actually waking up with enough time to do my hair and makeup instead of picking one and hustling out the door. I even had enough time to stop by the coffe stand to pick up a much needed caffeinated drink of choice to go with a blueberry scone. I arrived at work 15 minutes till opening so I was able to actually slowly get used to being at work instead of just jumping into it.

That all went downhill, however, when I was readying the weight area for the day and pulled a stupid. Let’s just say nothing short of getting a root canal with no gas or shot is equivalent to a 35 lb weight dropping off the bar and gaining momentum before it comes in contact with your foot. Amazingly, no cuss words were uttered.

So this is my view today at work:


As if that wasn’t enough in itself, it seems everybody and their mother today is in a brawling mood.

So I have a couple of things to say. You know, the couple of things I would have said to these members if it wouldn’t get me fired.

  1. To the lady yelling at the front of the gym about how much you hate it here and how pissed you are at the class change…I am sorry. You’ve had a full week to look at the changed class schedule, however, so my sympathy can only go so far. With that said move your butt from my front counter.
  2. To the guy who wanted to cancel his membership and got pissed that a payment is going to come out one more time since it’s been more than 30 days after your last payment, suck it. Calling me a B**** is not going to get me to stop your payment from coming out on the 5th. It’s Labor Day Weekend. And then threatening me with “Well, I’m just going to change my credit card” is quite childish. Just be happy you’re paying in advance, brah.
  3. To the girl who told me to tough it up, buttercup, when I answered your question about why my foot is up on the counter with an ice pack, I have a proposal. Why don’t you and I both take a little trip to the weight area, you can stick your foot out, and I’ll drop a weight on your foot? Then maybe you can tough it up, buttercup.
  4. To the woman who told me I had no reason to be sitting down today because you’d suffered more back in your day and still had to go to work…same proposal as #3.
  5. To the man who got frustrated with me on the phone because we had a lot of membership options, that’s what I told you before you demanded that you know ALL the membership options. I also provided an out by saying it was a lot to take over the phone so we could go over it if you came into the gym but you said you didn’t have the time to do that. Which leads me to ask if you can’t come to the gym to discuss a membership when will you have time to use it?
  6. To the guy who thought it would be funny to pretend to stomp on my foot and nearly did…you’re an asshole.
  7. For all that is holy #7 did you really think your waterbottle was going to magically appear out of thin air when you were accusing me for stealing it? It’s a lost and found, dumbass. It’s where abandoned things go. Get off the roids, man.

And that is how my day has been.

Whoever insisted that the customer is always right…yeah, whatever.


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