Small Town, USA Is Still My Hometown


My life consists of high heels, routine schedules, dinners out with friends, the occasional drinks, movie nights, and sleep. My life tends to be somewhat fast paced which means I probably have one day to myself to actually sleep in, relax, and actually enjoy my oftentimes crazy, hectic life. I know you understand what I mean.

But there comes a weekend where I don’t have to run errands, I don’t have anyone to meet or places to be. It’s on these weekends I pack a duffel bag, kiss my fiance good-bye, hop in my little Subaru and hit Highway 12. The drive along the river calms me down and by the time an hour is over I’m anxious to see my little hometown come around the next corner.

It may be small in size, boring to most people, and the last place someone would want to break down, but to me it’s home.

Sure, the population sign hasn’t changed since my family moved into town 21 years ago but it’s the peacefulness and consistency there that matters most to me.

I love going home to Friday night football games, the usual gentleman sitting in the same booth at the bakery, the clerk at the grocery knowing my name, and the feel of home when I walk through the door. It’s the one place I know where the doctors know me on a first name basis when they see me on the street and remember to ask how I’m feeling. Neighbors randomly bring each other meals not because they want something, but because it’s easier to do random acts of kindness when you have no reason to suspect harm.

I love canning with my mom in worn out blue jeans and my old softball shirt. I love blackberry picking and apple tree climbing. I love hiking in the snow to find the perfect Christmas tree and making visits to the hen house for Easter eggs. I miss sitting around the table with my family butchering meat from the deer one of my brothers shot. I miss going bird hunting with my dad and snacking on Snickers bars as we walk across our friends’ property. I love playing touch football with my brothers and their friends and pouring over fashion magazines with my friends. I love it all.

These are the things I miss when I’m working 7 hours a day at my front desk job, when I’m rubbing my feet before bed from my adventurous day in heels, or when I’m cruising in my car tuned into the country radio.

It doesn’t matter where I am, what  I do, or how I dress.

When it comes down to it, I’m still a small town girl at heart.



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